Alapine is a “Firewise Community”

Firewise Day

We work closely with the forestry service to make sure we do what we can to minimize the spread of fire.  And to make the community accessible to fire trucks and emergency equipment.  Firebreaks have been cut around the entire community, as well as between some lots.   Reflective signs are posted at each lot.  Directional signs are posted at every intersection.  Emergency 911 has been provided a map of lot numbers with associated names and phone numbers.

Alapine applies for grants each year which have been used to create an emergency exit, pay for the signs, maintain the firebreaks, and create turn-arounds at the end of each road.

Many individual lot owners have also received grants to minimize the risk of fire on their lot:  installing metal roofs, creating a 30′ fire break around any buildings, replacing flammable skirting, keeping leaves away from foundations and propane tanks,  creating a fire break around the house, removing highly flammable trees, etc.  The forestry service will evaluate your particular situation and provide suggestions for improvement.

Each year we celebrate Firewise Day with representatives from the Forestry Service.  Lot direction Signs