Living in Community

Living in Community

So You
Think You Want To Live In Community….

Sung to the tune of “Play a Simple Melody”
Lyrics by our very own Barbara Lieu

All we want is a community
Like the dreams we’ve held so long
Just a lesbian community
Where the members do no wrong.

Well it’s a meeting a day
And all I want is to play
Why don’t you see it my way
We have so much to get through
I’ll try to listen to you.

But when we all disagree
I ask “Just listen to me”
Because then you will see
My way is surely the best
From all the rest.

And when you say what you say
I feel a distance away
And watch our bond start to fray
I ask that you change your tone
Or you will end up alone.

But then the dream, it returns
My need for peace, it still burns
I want to give you a turn
To say it burns in you too
And we’ll get through.

Lyrics by Barbara Lieu



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