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We have 2 acre lots for sale in a 108 acre Lesbian neighborhood in the beautiful woods on Lookout Mountain in the Southeast. We’ve been in existence for nineteen years.

Alapine is 108 acres of land containing forty-five 1½ to 2 acre lots in rural Alabama in the woods.  The name Alapine comes from Alabama pines.  Sheeba Mountain Properties, Inc. developed Alapine.

Below are answers to a few questions that might help you decide if you want more info from

How rural is it?  We live in a beautiful wooded area with a variety of hardwoods and pines.  Rome, Georgia and Ft. Payne, Alabama are each about 40 minutes away.

How accessible is it?  We are in the middle of the woods.  But individual homes and lots can be made accessible.

Are there job opportunities?  The usual jobs of a rural county are available including health care, education, retail, restaurants, manufacturing.

What about working out of my home?  A home based business is fine.  Our Restrictive Covenants do not permit businesses open to the public at Alapine.

Do you offer financing?  Several lot owners have obtained mortgages from local lenders.  Sheeba does not finance the lots.  Current lot owners who are selling may offer financing. Ask us.

Can I share the lot with someone else?  A group could buy a building and/or a lot and share it.  But the lots cannot be subdivided.

Can I rent?  Sometimes there are rental or house-sitting opportunities. If you are interested in renting, let us know in the inquiry you send.

Can I visit?  Consider attending our next open house to learn more.  Or contact us and we will arrange for a visit.

Are you a gated community?  We have a gate at our entrance, but we are not a “gated” development.  We are rural and have a gate to keep joy riders and hunters from having access.

Are you separatists?  Men are hired or can volunteer to work on the land.  Lot owners can have men visit and stay on their lot, but no men live here permanently.

How are you different from other wimmin’s land?  Alapine offers privately owned lots and is not a collective or a land trust.  Lot owners receive a Deed to their lot in their name.