To request more information about buying property with Lesbians in the woods, briefly tell us:

  • who you are
  • how you heard about us
  • why you want to live in a Lesbian neighborhood
  • what is your experience with rural living
  • your timetable for acquiring property


Write to: Sheeba, PO Box 32, Menlo GA 30731

Sheeba Mountain Properties, Inc. is a corporation formed by three of us who started or lived at Pagoda, a Lesbian community in St. Augustine, Florida.  Based on our experience there we formed Sheeba to create a Lesbian neighborhood with more space than we had in Florida.  We lived at Pagoda for 20 years and we have now been at Alapine for 21 years.

6-16SheebaGalsMorgana, Fayann & Barbara of Sheeba celebrate 19th birthday July 2016