Who We Are

Who We Are

Barbara LieuBarbara Lieu 

I am one of the developers of Alapine and I’ve lived in the area working on Alapine since 1996.  I moved to the land in 2008 into a repossessed double-wide that I still haven’t completed.  Before moving here to start Alapine I lived for 17 years at Pagoda, a lesbian community on the beach in St. Augustine.  Recently I said in an interview that I have lived more years in Lesbian community than in the other world.  I spend my time working to grow the community and to maintain & improve what we have on our 108 acres.

I love the area.  It is so beautiful here.  We have three state parks nearby with hiking and kayaking.  The deepest conyon east of the Mississippi is 11 miles south of us.  We have four seasons and the air is clean, the water is pristine, and the small towns are delightful.  Believe it or not a nearby tourist town of 400 people has 5 places to eat.

We are eager to have more Lesbians move here and enjoy this beautiful land with us.



Fayann Hard at work seeding one of our early firebreaksFayann 

Living in Alapine for twenty years I enjoy seeing the trees and living in a rural setting,  I am close enough to the small towns for groceries, work, medical care, and fun.  The large cities near me allow me to enjoy many cultures, celebrate their lives and food.  Most of what I need I can find in the town around me,  I love the nature in the way of animals, plants, and the river.  I see many a colorful sunrise on my way to work at the local Post Office,  I am a mail carrier so I see people in the general community from all walks of life in all kinds of situations,.  I love the sunsets so colorful above the outline of the mountain ranges.

I am an artist and my favorite form is story telling by creating ICON’s.  I am an ordinated Unity minister and particiapte in the Unity of Chattanooga church.  I am involved in the church’s pastoral care, visiting congregants at home or in the hospital.  I also participate in the activities of The Multifaith clergy in our area.



Susan and ReesaSusan S and Reesa

Susan and Reesa live in a round house, I guess you could call it a yurt.  They have a business which sells gemstones, and also a landscaping business.Susan & Reesa's home







I have lived in or near Alapine since 1999. My home is a 16 X 76, three bedroom, two bath mobile home. This place in the woods is so idyllic and peaceful. I love the trees, the nearby waterfalls, and the arts community here. Right here at Alapine, we have at least eight artists, and this warms my heart. I’m a quilter when I am inspired. Lately the deer coming up to my kitchen window and the green of the surrounding woods have brought me special moments.

deJoly's Sweat Lodge

I have also found many like-minded friends in the healing arts in the local area. As a public speaker on the topic of healing from trauma, including ritual abuse, I find many people seeking true healing and transformation of their lives. I have three published books: Diary of a Survivor in Art and Poetry;  All Together Now: A Multiple’s Story of Hope and Healing; and What Happened to You? A Guidebook for people seeking hope, healing, and lasting transformation. They can be found at my website (deJoly.com) or on Amazon. Besides being an author, I lead workshops, am a keynote speaker, and have a practice as an integration life coach.

I am an elder, practicing mostly Lakota traditional sweat lodges here on my property. Our group of participants include women on the land and off the land. We pray together, eat together and grow in sisterhood.

Home of deJolyOne of the first ways I got involved in the community was to volunteer at the local humane society. I did this for five years, until it closed. For 12 years, I have been a mentor to 7th and 8th grade students in the Reading Buddy program at the local elementary school.

Our lesbian community share a variety of activities, including outings to concerts and concerts booked by our resident Jan S, cook-outs, writing group, pot-lucks, game night, and other spur-of-the-moment events. You’ll love it here for many reasons! Come visit and see!




Rand lives in a small cabin she built on her land.









Pat lives in a double-wide trailer with her dog, Sally,  and gardens in Earth Boxes on her back deck.    




     Pats Garden





Jan J

Jan lives in a cozy two bedroom cabin, originally built by Emily.  Jan has two cats, and is famous for her baking!  And her elaborate desserts.








Janice lives in a two bedroom, two bath single wide trailer, She has chickens, rabbits, and dogs.  And loves to wheel and deal and attend auctions.  Janice's Home








I came to Alapine in 1999.  I was looking for a community of women, where I could live in comfort and not have to struggle to survive as I got older – so I wanted to be sure I could have the conveniences I was used to.  I live in a three bedroom, two bath double-wide with my desired conveniences: hot and cold running water, flush toilets, washer and dryer, dish washer, internet, and a separate woodworking shop.  It was also very important to me to live in womyn-only space, where my neighbors and my friends are one and the same.  





Jan SJan S

Jan has the only two-story in the village. And has a complete kiln set-up below the house.  She is a working artist with works in private collections all over the world. Jan S Art



Jan's Art
An Example of Jan’s Art


Jan’s Art 


Linnea and MelanieLinnea

Linnea and her granddaughter, Melanie,  live in a home with three wings, each with it’s own bedroom and kitchen, built around a circular center room.  Linnea is an artist in ceramics and stone carving.  And she loves to bake bread.







Mary AliceMary Alice and Ellen

Mary Alice and Ellen live in an earth-sheltered home they built themselves. They use only rainwater, use composting toilets, and heat with a wood burning stove.  Mary Alice grows LOTS of food which they can and preserve.Ellen






Barb S and Sue M

Barb and Sue first lived in a house that Barb built, then sold that and lived in a travel trailer, and currently are traveling.



Gilda and SusanSusan B and Gilda

Susan and Gilda have built a cabin and a separate sleeping room.  They have not yet installed electric, but do have water..







Laura is living in her travel trailer (which never travels!) Laura's Home








Lesbian Pride